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[PLAYLIST TUESDAY] - Swärje, Välfärd, IKEA, Meatballs And Lingonsylt

2014.12.09 16:24 HejAnton [PLAYLIST TUESDAY] - Swärje, Välfärd, IKEA, Meatballs And Lingonsylt

So I believe it was my turn to make one of these today? I actually had been playing this thing since I first got a date, been typing down most Swedish artists and bands I could think of to make a huge playlist this weekend. Sadly, my phone got stolen last week and I lost that list along with my backlog and other stuff, so this playlist was made a bit quickly last night while taking a break from studying for finals and exams. Hopefully you'll be able to find something new and cool in here, but that's my excuse for when the comments of "Where's X?" start falling in.
Anyways, so let's get to it. I tried giving it some kind of flow, so I'd appreciate it if you played it the way it's structured instead of by shuffle. I also have to add that I think Sweden might be the best non-English speaking country when it comes to indie music. This kind of music is absolutely huge here and there are so many clubs, bars, events focused mainly on fans of that kind of stuff here in Stockholm. I mean I've been out clubbing to Arcade Fire and LCD Soundsystem more times than I can count.
Broder Daniel - Shoreline
Kicking of with one of the most well known. This band, and especially this song, has earned a huge following in Sweden from critics to teens. The band is the epitome of teenage angst, and is still very popular today, despite breaking up ages ago. This song is also a huge meme, and it's not weird to hear someone yell "PLAY SHORELINE" at different concerts, clubs, and events, despite not being an event related to the band at all.
Jens Lekman - Friday Night At The Drive-In Bingo
I don't think I can find any artist that sounds as "swedish" as Jens Lekman does. He's such an everyday guy, and he's also so average which is what makes his music so fantastic. I know he's already a favorite around here but still needs to be on the playlist.
Håkan Hellström - Ramlar
This guy is absolutely huge here in Sweden. He recently broke a record in having the biggest audience for a concert in Scandinavia, selling out Bruce Springsteen among others (and yes, I was there and saw it). He used to be the drummer for the band Broder Daniel which is song #1 but they broke up and for the last 14 years he's been doing his own thing to great success. More pop-influenced than Jens Lekman but still in a similar vein. One of, if not the biggest Swedish artist active.
Makthaverskan - Asleep
Maybe you've heard of this band before. They got some attention through Pitchfork hyping their latest album up (like a year late though). Charming post-punk influenced indie music. Highly recommend checking out their latest record Makthaverskan II which is all in a similar vein of lo-fi post-punk with a female front person who's boiling over with passion. There isn't really a translation for their band name but it loosely translates to "She who has the power".
Lykke Li - Get Some
Lykke Li is pretty well known aswell but she goes on the list. Charming artist with an outstanding voice that doesn't sound like anyone else. She's got a pretty varied discography but I prefer her older stuff to her latest (wasn't a big of I Never Learn, too mellow).
iamamiwhoami - Play
Not sure how well known Jonna Lee is around here. She's kind of a more modern, but a bit less experimental Björk, all in that euro-pop-meets-witchhouse kind of vibe. This track, and most of the songs on this album remind me a lot of Purity Ring so if you're a fan of that, check her music out. And yes I know her name is fucking ridicolous, but I've finally learned that it's: I Am, Am I, Who Am I.
Hello Saferide - I Was Jesus
I'm surprised Hello Saferide isn't more well known outside of Sweden since she's pretty much the female version of Jens Lekman. She operates under two different monikers, one being Hello Saferide who sings in English, and one being Säkert! who sings in Swedish. Her 2014 LP is probably her best so far, where this track is from. It's fun jangle-pop with quirky, silly lyrics.
Kent - Dom Andra
Swedes on this sub are going to fight me for not picking Mannen I Den Vita Hatten...
This band is also huge here in Sweden. Been releasing music for over 20 years, having a huge and varied discography containing punk, post-punk, alt-rock, synthpop and more. I like to compare them a bit to Radiohead, since the vocalist has a quite similar style to Thom Yorke with falsetto and all that jazz. They're named after a common Swedish surname, and the song title translates to The Others. A lot of what's great about this band is in the lyrics though so might not be too appealing.
Atlantis - Postiljonen
Downtempo influenced by M83. Can't speak a lot for the group but this song is pretty terrific. Sounds a bit too derivative of Midnight City unfortunately.
First Aid Kit - In The Hearts Of Men
Don't know how most people on this sub feel about First Aid Kit, I'm personally not a big fan. Their debut is pretty neat but their latest release was such a boring album that I kind of forgot about them. However I love this song so on it goes.
Markus Krunegård - Jag Är En Vampyr
The biggest hit from another pretty huge Swedish artist. The song translates to I Am A Vampire and is a fun pop jam. This gets played a shit ton at indie clubs along with Håkan Hellström from above. Not a huge fan of his music but I thought he deserved to be on here anyways.
The Knife - Full Of Fire
Ok I'll be honest. Never bothered getting into The Knife. Didn't care for either Silent Shout or Shaking The Habitual and Fever Ray bored me. So I'm not sure if this is a good example of their music but it's the only one I could think of. Experimental pop group from Gothenburg, two siblings aswell. They've got a cool sound but nothing too appealing to myself.
Robyn - Dancing On My Own
How big is Robyn outside of Sweden? She still gets airtime on the radio, and I'll admit she's one of my least disliked pop artists active right now, but I do believe the hype around her has died down a bit, even if it'll probably rise again once she releases something new, as far as I know she's been kind of a pop-princess for as long as I've been alive, and she's been doing her thing for quite a while aswell.
CEO - Whorehouse
Getting closer to the end now. Couldn't find anything from Eric Berglund's main project on Spotify, I guess they've pulled it or I'm just dumb, so CEO will have to do. Whorehouse is from his latest release that dropped earlier this year. Despite having two good singles I thought the album ducked sick with too much filler on an 8-track album. However this song is great, and his group The Tough Alliance is something I'd recommend for anyone into cool indie synthpop.
The Tough Alliance - Koka Kola Veins
So I found the track I wanted to add and I was just dumb.
Kite - Jonny Boy
Really cool and unique indie pop from a group who only releases EP's. The singer has a very unorthodox voice which might be off putting (I personally disliked this group a lot when I first heard them) but they really grew on me and now I love them. I actually got this band recommended to me by an incredibly drunk man in a tiger suit on my commute home who was crazy about them. So if you're reading this Tiger-man, tack för rekommendationen.
Håkan Hellström - Kom Igen Lena
Another track by Håkan Hellström from his second album. Honestly, he's barely put out a single bad track.
Yung Lean - Kyoto
Had to add this guy. I've actually met Jonatan Leandoer a couple of times before he blew up as Yung Lean. We worked at the same place a few months prior to Unknown Death 2002 but he quit and I didn't find out it was him until a year later. He's a cool guy and his music is pretty great, meme or not.
This next part is where I just dropped a bunch of stuff, mostly in Swedish so if you don't care for that then you can skip it.
Lorentz & Sakarias - Garbo, Astrid & Taube
Hip-hop group consisting of two brothers that have gotten a lot of attention in Sweden. Not a big fan of either of the two guys music but this song is pretty great compared to their other releases. The title is a reference to three famous Swedes, Greta Garbo - Actress, Astrid Lindgren - Author, and Evert Taube - Folk musician.
Florence Valentin - Pokerkväll I Vårby Gård
Another indie band that was pretty acclaimed around their prime. Pokerkväll I Vårby Gård translates to Poker Night At Vårby Gård (Vårby Gård being a suburb someplace south of Stockholm IIRC). It's a catchy song that sounds like a lot of the Swedish indie output from around that time, similar to Håkan Hellström's earlier stuff.
Snook - Längst Fram I Taxin
Pretty unique hiphop group that grew to became notorious for original, pop-sounding beats and lyrics about silly things with lots of fun wordplay, self depreciating lyrics and references. These guys were what Gambino and Milo would be many years before they would become it. This is rap for white kids pretty much. Unfortunately broke up quite early on their career, never to reunite again. Still a very popular group today however. Title loosely translates to something like "In The Front Seat Of The Taxi". Lyrics are hillarious on this track, about men and women's gender roles in society. There's one part when one of the rappers goes into a stick where he talks about his mediocrity, lines like "I make more money on Walmart than on my rap caree I'm only two seconds away from being a one-minute man."
The Field - The Little Heart Beats So Fast
Swedish minimal producer. The EDM and electronic music scene is huge here in Sweden, while most unforunately try to be the next Swedish House Mafia, there are some artists working outside of the "big room house"-scene that makes interesting stuff. The Field is one of them.
Thomas Stenström - Slå Mig Hårt I Ansiktet
One of my favorite songs of the year. Just all around fun and unique pop song. Song translates to "Hit me hard in the face" and the whole song is pretty much about being beaten up in different ways.
Kent - Mannen I Den Vita Hatten
Had to add this one, from the band Kent that I linked a song from earlier. Their biggest song, the closer of one of their most acclaimed albums. Channeling post-rock in a huge fucking anthem about moving on in life. The title translates to The Man In The White Hat (Sixteen Years Later) and is in my opinion about graduating from the Swedish version of high school, where we all wear ugly white hats. Damn I had completely forgot how amazing and powerful this song is.
Well that's pretty much it for me. Do let me know what I've forgotten or if you want to discuss any of my picks. Are there any other Swedes around this sub?
Here's a link to a Spotify playlist containing all the songs picked.
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2013.06.14 00:53 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: I am Dolph Lundgren, Actor and Host of Race to the Scene- Ask Me Anything!

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Date: 2013-06-13
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Questions Answers
Why did you kill Apollo Creed? Why??? Stallone made me do it. And he had a big mouth. I didn't appreciate his dance number with James Brown.
Is it true that some burglars broke into your house, saw your picture on the wall, realized it was your house, got scared and ran away without stealing anything? Or is that just internet myth? Something like that... They did steal a couple of things, but brought some back.
Have the guys from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia reached out to you to do a cameo? Would you have any interest? (Possibly as a brilliant scientist who can smell crime) Not yet, but I'm on board if they ask. Maybe not the mesh shirt though.
For me and several of my closest college friends, you are less of a hero and more of a legend. We have seen literally every single one of your films, and we're especially partial to Command Performance. When the first guy got married, we bought him a Dolph action figure that sits proudly on his desk at work to this day. Why did you choose to go into acting instead of pursuing work in your educational field of chemical engineering? I was into fine arts when I was younger, I went into engineering because of my dad. Before I went too far in to it I decided to go back to my first love acting. I have no interest in beating someone up for the sake of doing it. When I was 25 and he was 25, Chuck Norris and I would have made an interesting match up though.
Could you please help us settle a long-standing dispute: Physically speaking, who's more ripped: The Dolph of 2013, or the Dolph of 1985? Unfortunately, it would have to be Dolph 1985.
Thanks for doing this AmA, it is literally the best one I’ve seen on Reddit yet. “Rock and load!” Thanks for staying with me for that long.
Any funny behind the scenes stories from making rocky IV? Also, did they attempt to get a hold of you for a cameo in rocky balboa? There are few that I can tell on the internet. When I first came out here for training and fight choreography, Stallone was going through a divorce. One piece of advice, don't get in the ring with a guy who has come from divorce court.
Hej Dolph! From a fellow swede, I have to ask you; at what incline did you run at in the Rocky IV training montage? That treadmill was f**king vertical! Tack för din tid! :D. Whatever the maximum incline on that thing was. Probably close to 40 or 45 degrees.
About this much:
Dolph! Loved you in "A View to a Kill!" and your Ivan Drago is one of the classic hollywood villains. Is it true you have a Masters in Chemistry? My masters is actually in Chemical Engineering.
Can you tell us what your fitness regime is like? How much do you bench or squat? Have your workouts changed since you were younger? I try to vary everything a lot of cross training. Weights a couple times a week, swimming once a week, martial arts a couple times a week. I try to make every workout different. I don't really keep track of what I bench. I'm big already, I don't need to get bigger. I also meditate ten minutes a day. It's a great time to be still and be with myself. I'd rather skip a workout than meditating.
Can you still beat Mike Tyson in a boxing match? I don't think I could ever beat Mike Tyson in a boxing match.
How does it feel to know that you once punched Sylvester Stallone so hard, that doctors thought that he had gotten hit by a car? I can't take full credit for that. His workload was a big factor in that too.
Can you please just box Sylvester Stallone for real so we can all die happy? I need my gig in Expendables 3 so I can't do that.
Thanks for doing this AMA!!! What is the funniest prank you ever pulled on a fellow actor or actress? Edit: it appears everyone on Reddit wants to contribute and ask on this AMA... whose ass are you going to kick for the technical difficulties? I'm not a big prankster, but... In Bulgaria my stunt double came up with the idea of stuffing the toilet in one of the actor's trailers with fresh horse manure. He came running out screaming "Fuck you guys!"
Cake or Pie? Pecan pie with ice cream and whipped cream.
If he pies, he pies. I like that.
Do you think the movie "Masters of the Universe" was a good movie for your career? I Love He-man Everything adds up. I was young and it was hard for me to star in my own movie. There was a lot of pressure but on the whole it was a good experience.
What is your drink of choice? Water.
Apart from that a tequila shot with a slice of lime.
It is probably pretty safe to say, if Grace Jones hadn't seen you at King's Cross so long ago, your life would have gone a different direction. If you had continued your education in chemical engineering instead of pursuing acting, but were still doing an AMA today, what would you hope this AMA would be about? My Nobel Prize. Wait you only get those when you are 90.
How about my new job as CEO of Exxon.
You are my wife's favorite actor so she'd never forgive me if I didn't ask you a question. Whats the funniest thing you've witnessed while working on the set of the movie? (Rocy IV James Brown/ Apollo Creed dance doesn't count. Your wife will love you more now. Terry Crews on Expendables 2 we are on the jet skis says "I don't do water, I sink." He sends his stunt double out who falls off and sinks.
Would you rather fight 100 duck sized Stallones, or one Stallone sized duck? I think I'd go for the Stallone sized duck. Imagine the foie gras.
What was your opinion of you being portrayed as a half man half dog scientist who sniffs out crime as a character in It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia movie plot in an episode? I personally found it hilarious. I thought it was fun and a very accurate representation of me. I'd be game.
What film role do you look back on with the fondest feelings? Also - you're an inspiration, man. Living proof that muscles and brains can go together. Thank you for giving me an example to follow. Rocky IV because it was my first. I've really like some of my smaller roles like in The Package. About a guy dying from a blood disease who likes to makes smoothies while he kills people. There is one scene in there that's worth watching.
Your the most underrated action hero of all time!!! How does it feel? I just want another big pay day.
I agree about being underrated, but there is some fun stuff on the way.
Mr. Lundgren, What advice would you give someone who aspires to accomplish so much in life as you have? What wakes you up in the morning? You need to have an appetite for life and getting as much out of it as possible. Life goes very quickly and you have to pack in as much experience as you can. Challenge yourself. You have to be brave.
Masters of the Universe 2, if you had the chance, would you do it? I could appear now as He-Man's grandfather. In a g-string on a flying disk. Wielding a small pocket knife.
Hey Dolph! Big fan. What was it like working with John Woo? It was interesting. I've directed a couple of movies and you pick up different things from different directors. He's got a great visual style. He's got 40 new drafts every few weeks, but he's great.
Quick question from a true fan: In honor of Loving day which was yesterday. You had a very public (And yes, racy) photo shoot with Grace Jones and were very open about your relationship. Did you realize what a cool public step that was for interracial relationships at the time? I didn't really think of it at the time. It wasn't such a big issue in Sweden as it was in the US.
Any memorable experiences from working at the Limelight? Drew Barrymore came in when she was 9 with her mom.
My fellow doorman was working on his one man show called A Bronx Tale. Next thing we knew he was moving to Hollywood. Chazz Palminteri.
Hey Dolph. As a male born in the USSR and fan of Rocky IV, I have to thank you for giving me a stereotype to live up to. No sarcasm there. You're awesome. Also, why do you keep getting killed in the Universal Soldier movies? You deserve to be the hero. Thank you so much. I started out as the bad guy and they wanted to keep it that way. Since it's about cloning I can come back as much as they want me to.
How much did your arm hurt after you broke the five blocks of ice back in 2010 when you were one of the hosts for "Melodifestivalen"? Fortsätt vara grym, Dolph!!:) I hurt myself more in the rehearsal when someone didn't hold the wood right. I only had a few cuts from the ice.
One of my favorite memories growing up is when I spent the night at my grandparents’ house and I got to stay up late, so I watched “Silent Trigger” on TV! My question is: What is your favorite movie? (It doesn’t have to be one you were in!) Unforgiven is one of many.
Godfather is also great.
Mr. Lundgren, one thank you for doing this AMA long time fan! Also wanted to ask I've heard about the amazing injuries that you guys deal out to each other on screen during action scenes and wanted to know what's the worst injury you've ever received during a scene? And what's the worst injury you've ever given? I injured my ankle in the service and about six years ago a Harley fell on the same one. I've been really luck to not suffer a major injury.
As a swedish redditor, thank you for being such a badass viking. Do you ever get the chance på going back to Sweden? And what is the best and worst thing about Sweden in your opinion? I go back quite a bit. My girlfriend is Swedish so we visit my daughter a lot. Best: The food is the best and my family living there is good. Worst: It's a bit small and can get boring compared to LA. They are also to easy on the criminals. You can kill someone and be out in a couple of years. They just don't understand violent behavior.
Hi Dolph! I am always quite awestruck that you also studied chemistry like me! But I just want to ask: What's the weirdest customer you had to deal with as a bouncebodyguard? There were a few. In those days the doorman, a little guy, would stand on a box and pick out the people were allowed in. At the end of the night he would empty his pockets of the tips he got. Money in one hand and vials of coke in the other. As a Swedish kid it amazed me.
How is The Expendables 3 going to be bigger than the first two? If I know Stallone he will try to make it bigger. He will go for a bigger cast, bigger action and more marketing. That should do it.
Who the hell came up with the idea for Brandon Lee to say "you have the biggest penis I've ever seen" in Showdown in Little Tokyo? I'm not sure, but I think it was in the script. I don't know who came up with it, but it came out of left field.
As a Washington State University alum, I love to remind people that you went to school there. What was your favorite thing about the school? Have you ever been back? Will you someday? If you were to show up during a football game, bricks would be shat. It was my first time away from home. I got to know and like America there. I took me five years to make it back to the US, but I did. I made a lot of friends on campus. I haven't been back, but it would be a neat trip.
So, who's the most underrated actor of all time? Besides me? Marilyn Monroe never won awards but she was a great actress.
Were you satisfied with the punisher? Why or why not? This will be my last answer today. Thanks to all of you for great questions. I was sort of satisfied. The action was good but the characterization wasn't up to par with the action. It was well shot and the costumes were great. I should have kept the Harley.
Do you still feel guilty about killing Apollo? Nah. He talked too much.
What in your opinion is the best-looking martial art for film? (ignoring practicality since stuff like krav maga tops that but isn't really flashy) Any martial art that is done well looks great on film. Done without wire work is the best. When they use wires it looks too unreal.
Why did you stop studying chemical engineering? Acting was my first love. I went into engineering because that's what my father did.
If you could make whatever movie you wanted to what would it be about and why? I mean this without the restriction/interference of hollywood studio moguls. P.S. I think you fathered one of my good friends... he's a spitting image of you minus the fact he's built like a stick. :D. I'd like to do a film about Sweden. I'm tying to direct this period piece, a sensual thriller called Nordic Light. I don't know if it's going to happen, but that's one I would like to make. I would just direct and produce it, not act.
Saludos Dolph: You are such a versatile actor… I enjoy watching your movies and different characters. One of my favorites is Jack Caine in “I Come in Peace/Dark Angel”. I absolutely love Jack Caine and his sense of humor plus his boldness. Which one of the characters you have portrayed in your movies is more alike the real Dolph Lundgren? Caine was a really good character, no chemical engineering degrees, but he was really a good guy. Like me.
Do you say "I must break you" to people you don't like? Edit:"I will break you" to "I must break you". No. Only to talk show hosts.
Hi Mr. Lundgren! First I want to say my close friends and I are all huge fans and Showdown in Little Tokyo is one of my favorite movies ever. More recently though you starred in Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning which was one of the most jaw-droppingly awesome action movies I've ever seen. Is there any talk of making another one in the series with Scott Adkins as the lead as well as bringing back the immortal Luc Deveraux and Andrew Scott? There is talk of doing another one with a bigger budget. I don't know if I'll be back or Van Damme but John Hyams is working on something.
Dolph, did you come up with that entire number you did at Eurovision? One of the most fun looking things ever. For reference. I came up with some of it. I said Elvis and came up with the drumming, they came up with the song. It would be a good number for the Tony's.
What do you enjoy playing more: the villain or the hero? It's more challenging to be the hero, you have to expose more of yourself and that interests me right now.
Big fan of your stuff btw. Thanks for doing this. I do have to ask after you got your degree what made you go into acting instead of that specific field? Also is it true that on the set of the Expendables Stallone carried around a big piece of iron just twirling it in his hands? He carried around two wooden bowling pin looking things to keep his forearms in shape. They were these old school training devices.
Any chance we'll see another Lundgren/Van Damme movie soon? Universal Soldier is one of the greatest worst movies ever. Maybe Universal Soldier 14? Unless his twin comes back for Expendables 3.
Did you have more fun fighting with Sly Stallone in Rocky IV or with Jean Claude in Universal Soldier? They were both fun. Rocky was more work and a longer fight. We shot that for two weeks plus 10 days in studio. It didn't take as long to shoot Universal Soldier and Jean Claude and I had a lot of fun shooting it.
Has filming begun yet on "Crime Stinks: The Smell of Penetration"? I heard you're playing the lead scientist with a mesh shirt who can smell crime before it happens. And is there really gonna be full-on penetration in the movie? You'll have to ask Mac and Charlie. I'm waiting for the call.
Dolph, If you had to fight a dinosaur to the death in a Dinosaur Death Match using only primitive weapons and not allowed to set traps, what's the biggest dinosaur you think you win against? You don't have to name a specific dinosaur, just give us a size reference. Any dinosaur I could get to chase me off the side of a cliff.
Hi Dolph, I recently just saw Blackjack and was wondering how an action show with you and John Woo involved never got picked up and what the plan for the show was? I don't know why it didn't get picked up. It was one of the most expensive pilots ever. There was some sort of corporate take over that locked the project up.
Dear Mr. Lundgren, What was your favourite scene from The Expendables 2.? And thanks for everything, you've done! You make my life better with your films! Thanks!!! You're welcome. The scene on the plane where I'm trying to hit on the Chinese girl and the scene in the mine shaft where I put my engineering skills to use.
Hey just wanted to say that you and arnold are the reason i changed my life around with lifting weights and losing weight. thankyou. You did it yourself. Congratulations.
I must bake you. That's good. I'll suggest it to Stallone.
I don't have a question, just want to say "You're awesome". Thanks. Thanks yourself. I hope you enjoy.
Ingen fråga direkt. Men Silent Trigger var en av mina favoritfilmer när jag var liten. Ville bara ha det sagt. Tack. Tack sa mycket!
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